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EuroMilano is an established International University Sports Tournament now in its twentieth edition.Over the years it has registered participants from all over Europe and beyond (Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, etc). The new edition of EuroMilano will be held in the newly renovated "Crespi Sport Village", on the days between May 2nd and May 5th 2024.

The days of the tournament are dedicated to sport, music and entertainment: a festive atmosphere overwhelm all the participants who feel part of one family.It is an opportunity to compete with students from all over the world, as well as a meaningful experience on a human level to socialize and learn about new cultures.

Each of the participants could return home with indelible memories that remain forever anchored to the university period.

History and Participants

Euromilano was founded in 2001, the goal was to launch a sports project that would lead to orient students towards a healthy lifestyle based on the joy and values ​​that sport can teach.
The first edition found a lot of success, so much so that unexpectedly 15 European and extra universities joined it.
This year, to testify to the success of the event, the twentieth anniversary is celebrated. Over the course of history it has become increasingly renowned, also in relation to the numbers it manages to obtain every year: an average of 900 participating students from more than 20 different university centers scattered around the world.
The tournament has been characterized from the beginning for the promotion of sport towards students, essential to pass on the sporting values ​​that will be forever present in everyday life. The training experience inserted within the competitive context is, in fact, what most characterizes the event.
The event has been taking place for 21 years now, always inside the Crespi Village sports center, renovated in 2020 to offer better and more experience to all its visitors. Today it houses two basketball courts, a rugby field, two football pitches, two beach volleyball fields, a volleyball pitch, 6 changing rooms and more support and leisure areas, such as the bar.
The tradition continues, and every year we try to renew ourselves!

The universities participating in the last edition are published below.

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