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Euromilano 2016 results now online

Useful documents:

Infobook Euromilano 2016, Tournaments' rules, Group Stage/ Final draws of Futsal M/F, Basketball M/F and Tennis M/F now available



Universities Participant in EuroMilano 2016: 32 Universities coming from 20 Countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia!

EuroMilano 2016, 28/30 April – Milan (Italy)
EuroMilano is Back!!!

Futsal (male and female)
Basketball (male and female)
Volleyball (male and female)
Tennis (male and female)
Beach Volleyball (male and female)
Cheerleading Dance Contest


EuroMilano is back!!
Here it is, back by overwhelming demand, one of the most popular and famous international university tournament…EuroMilano 2016!
limited places and registrations only on invitation